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Privacy Policy (ver 1.0)

We're not interested in getting bogged down in legalese, but we have to outline a few intentions, promises, and limitations.

When we work together, we will end up with your email address, your phone number, your full name, and very possibly: your physical address. We may need to send prints or discs to your physical address, but that's all we will ever send. We will not send unsolicited advertising material to physical addresses. Your phone number will only be used for communication between our staff and youselves during and in the lead up to your Wedding, and these calls will only be made to talk about the job. After the wedding, we will only ring you in the event of catastrophe - i.e. data loss - or if we need to confirm details for delivery. We will not cold call for any sales or advertising purposes. We will predominantly communicate with you via email; this is how we will quote you and this is how we will invoice you, and, typically, this is how we will negotiate time for Bridal Interviews and the like with you. If you book with us, we will add you to our mailing list. You will receive infrequent advertising material via email - these adverts may include coupons for discounts or referrals. You can opt-out of this mailing list at any time.

Any and all privately identifiable material will be kept as securely as possible. This data will be stored in Google Contacts, so in the event of security compromise, this data may become available to other parties. We do everything in our power to avoid this: we change our passwords frequently, we lock down all of our internet-enabled devices to avoid external access, and we use Google's Two-Factor Authentification for log-in into any and all Google services. We are confident that our Google accounts will not be compromised.

In the event that they are, you will be immediately notified. As we do not open Online Accounts with any of our customers, however, your data is mostly safe. We feel obligated, however, to state that in the event of compromised data, we cannot control what the data is used for or otherwise what is sent to those addresses.

From an internal perspective: we will only advertise to people who have booked with Studio Amori, Gallery 76, or the parent company Henshin Media. If in error we receive any data from any other source, we will not advertise to those people.

Our advertising material where Identifiable Faces are concerned will never be used without the express written consent of the participants appearing in the imagery. We use these images with express permission and fully waived liability. We cannot control what is done with these images in the event of Theft of Intellectual Property, and as a result cannot be held liable for any third-party defamation or other potentially fraudulent and/or illegal activity.

The data captured on your Wedding Day is stored in perpetuity on a local server. This server exists only on a local network and can only be accessed with appropriate passwords. Footage is stored in a way such the only identifiable information associated with the data is the First and Last names of the Bride and the Groom. Physical Addresses, Phone Numbers, and payment details are not kept in local caches or files. If this data is compromised, we will alert clients immediately. If this data is stolen, we cannot control what is done with the footage and imagery. We take every step to prevent compromise and theft, but we allow for possibilities for which we cannot possibly plan. We do not accept liability for any abuse, misuse, or otherwise illegal use of this data in the event of compromise or theft by a third party.

Payment is primarily taken via Direct Deposit from the client. This reduces risk on our end as we are not privy to bank details or numbers. We can accept payment by other methods - PayPal or Credit Card. In the event of payment by these methods, the Card / Account Details are filtered through the Braintree Gateway. Braintree will never reveal full details to Studio Amori, or the Parent Company Henshin Media. If our Braintree account is compromised, your data will still be safe. In the event of any unlawful charges made from our Braintree account to your Credit Card or PayPal account, or otherwise in the event of any other charge that was not agreed upon by both the Client and Studio Amori or the Parent Company Henshin Media, by proof of Official Invoice, money will be refunded or otherwise recouped by your banking institution, or the police, depending on circumstances. We will not be held in any way liable for these unlawful charges, though we will take every step to reduce and limit the risk of such circumstances occurring. We will not and cannot be held liable in the event of Braintree itself becomming compromised, although we are entirely confident in their security protocol and practise.

We will never ask for your credit card details by phone or by email. Please never give these details to a person claiming to be a representative of Adam Tzinis, Henshin Media, or Studio Amori - or even Adam Tzinis himself. This is against our policy.

Finally, we consider booking with Studio Amori as confirmation that this policy has been read, understood, and agreed with. This policy governs the behaviour of the company and its representatives, and we hope it inspires confidence in our ability to protect your data and personal information.

This document may change at any time, without warning or notification. If you are concerned about your privacy and feel the need to clarify a point, or think we need to address something in this document, please do not hesitate to contact us.