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Terms of Service (ver 1.0)

It is understood that through the use of the Studio Amori Website, the booking of services, or the acceptance and payment of a Studio Amori Tax Invoice that the customer has read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and our Refund Policy.

It is understood that a representative of Studio Amori will only attend your booked event and that services will only be rendered and that products will only be supplied after a Studio Amori Tax Invoice has been paid for in full. If the Tax Invoice is not paid for, in full, Studio Amori does not consider any obligation for attending your booked event nor for the rendering of services agreed upon. If the Tax Invoice is left unpaid and services are not rendered, the deposit is considered forfeit and not applicable for refund.

It is understood the Studio Amori, nor its creative representatives, cannot be held responsible for circumstances extraneous and out of their control. If, during the book event, an incident occurs unrelated to the exhibition of services agreed upon by Studio Amori that any way exhibits Studio Amori or its representatives ability to render those services, neither Studio Amori nor the representative can be held responsible.

For the sake of clarity, these examples include but are not exclusive to: weather, nonappearances by crucial members of the Bridal Party, electrical malfunction of the venue(s) (as distinctly different from surge caused by our electrical equipment), gatecrashing or invasion, boisterous behaviour by guests, traffic incidents or events, etc. etc.

Studio Amori is a brand of Henshin Media, specifically for the service of Weddings Video, Photo, and Make-Up. Henshin Media does not automatically collect data, as per our Privacy Policy, and your data is only collected after a completed invoice. Before booking Studio Amori, users can opt-in to receive marketing material and, following services rendered and goods supplied, users can opt-out to receive marketing material. Of course, users can opt-in or opt-out at any time, but we must be clear that booking Studio Amori automatically opts users into the reception of marketing material.

It is understood that the Tax Invoice supplied by Studio Amori clearly outlines the expectations of services to render and goods to provide. There is no expectation for goods or services greater or lesser than those listed on the Tax Invoice.

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time, without notice.